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10 Ways To Save Your Wedding Day - JustVish Wedding Film Service Explains How

Bride stressed about her upcoming wedding.

#10 Stress Free Experience: When the occasion of a wedding arrives in a family there are a lot of work items that need your attention and time moves quickly. During this time, you would want to focus on delegating tasks to the best resource so that you can relax and not stress out about your big day.

A professional wedding film crew proactively steps-in, spends time to understand your needs, your relationships, and your story. Whether you want to include a childhood memory, a favourite song, include important people and relationships in your film and album, our team saves your time by effectively getting your requirements through to the photo video crew. At JustVish Wedding Films, we run through an exhaustive checklist to ensure we do not miss any of your requirements.

#09 Attention to Detail: Your wedding festivities will be filled with precious moments, people and functions that you'll want to cherish forever. Our professional wedding film crews have the experience and expertise to capture even the smallest details that make your wedding story unique.

Wedding Photography team gives utmost attention to detail

From intricate decorations to emotional expressions, we will focus on every element that matters to you and make your wedding film special. Hiring us, ensures that every detail is captured and preserved in high-quality video footage and photographs.

#08 High-End Professional Equipment and Techniques: While it is common belief that smartphone cameras take good pictures, it is true but only for viewing on a small mobile screen. This also holds true for cheaper wedding photo video services but when it comes to printing your photo album or watching your wedding film on a TV, this demands the usage professional grade equipment.

JustVish Wedding Film use Sony Cinema Line FX3 Camera

At JustVish Wedding Films, we are a Netflix approved video production resource and we deploy top-of-the-line camera gears, equipment and advanced filming and photography techniques. We use cinema cameras, professional-grade lenses, studio quality audio and lighting solutions to ensure your wedding festivities are captured in the best possible video, audio and photo quality.

#07 The Art of Visual Storytelling: With 8 years of varied experience in video production and photography, our professional film crew precisely understands how to tell a compelling and emotional story of your big day. We capture the essence of your story, the love of your families and weave it into a beautifully edited film that stand true testament of the celebration for years to come.

Bride and Groom during their prewedding shoot

We genuinely believe your wedding film is not just a compilation of photographs and videos, it is a unique story and it needs to be told in the most compelling cinematic way.

#06 Relive Your Wedding: Be true to yourself, when was the last time you were able to sit through and completely watch a wedding video? When a wedding video is just a compilation of footage overlayed on music, it makes reliving the experience very boring. To add to that usage of lower quality equipment and lower skilled post production resources make the final output nothing but a formality for keepsake.

bride and groom during their wedding shoot by justvish wedding films

However, at JustVish Wedding Films, we not just ensure that your wedding is professionally filmed and photographed but we also deploy the latest technologies in post-production and so that we deliver a visual story that is worth a binge watch. Through our wedding films, you can relive the joy, hear your family talk and experience the sounds and heartfelt moments of your wedding day. It allows you to revisit the celebration and experience the emotions all over again.

#05 Skilled Crew with Professional Experience & Expertise: While today anyone can whip a camera and call themselves a photographer and/or cinematographer, it takes years of experience in a professional video production environment to cultivate skills to tell great visual stories.

wedding cinematography by justvish wedding films

Our professional film crews specialize in wedding cinematography and have the experience to anticipate and capture important moments effortlessly. With over 8yrs of experience in video production in varied high stakes scenarios we have the expertise to deliver, identify the best angles, set up the perfect lighting, capture high fidelity audio and shoot visuals that make your wedding film not just visually stunning and cinematic but also a compelling story to watch.

#04 Quality Control: With over 8 yrs of experience in video production, we have not just invested heavily in acquiring the best of camera equipment but also have setup a highly sophisticated and technologically advanced post production studio.

best quality control justish wedding films

This gives us unparalleled quality control as we have the capabilities to plan, shoot, edit and deliver your film in house. This is very similar to the reason why the Iphone experience feels so seamless and premium quality as Apple produces the software and hardware inhouse.

#03 Inhouse Post Production Advantage: Once our film crews capture the footage, our inhouse post production team takes charge to expertly edit it to create a cohesive and visually appealing wedding film.

justvish wedding films post production studios

Our post production team uses the industry’s gold standards in professional editing software to enhance colours, add music, and create a polished final product. Once you watch your film and since our post production is inhouse, we can take your feedback and incorporate changes to the film swiftly and have quick turnaround times.

#02 Your Private Film Premiere: As you would have noticed we don’t make wedding videos, we produce wedding films that have your story.

private wedding film screening by justvish wedding films

Our professionally produced wedding film will be something you will be proud of accomplishing. Our clients take great pride in showcasing their wedding films during family events and private gathering leaving every viewer mesmerized and a little teary eyed. Through our video platform, you can easily and privately share with family and friends who couldn't attend the event. It allows them to be part of the experience and relish the joyous moments alongside you.

#01 Long-Term Investment: While hiring a professional wedding film crew might seem like an additional expense however it is actually an investment in preserving the memories of one of the most important days of your life. Years down the line, you'll be grateful for having a beautifully documented wedding to revisit and share with future generations.

justvish wedding films is a long term investment

Like they say “You Either Buy Nice Or You Buy Twice”. You might have heard of horror stories of people who never got their wedding photos and videos. Or people who have got the photo and video but are not happy with the quality output and they either try to forget the experience or try to find another editing/post-production team who can fix the way the output looks. While it is the priority of the photo video teams to deliver, most clients completely oversee the risk factors when they get a cheaper alternative for wedding photo video service. A cheaper service would not be able to take dual backup of your priceless memories and incase of a damage to any storage device, everything is lost forever. Likewise, they will also have to cut corners in their processes to turn a small profit. A budget package provider has to execute many projects to survive as business in the market. In such situation quality is definitely something that takes a hit. We, at JustVish Wedding Films, have robust SOPs to ensure every wedding story is given the attention it deserves, afterall it is a once-in-a-lifetime event for our clients.

In conclusion, hiring a professional wedding videography and photography crew is one of the most important decisions you'll make when planning your wedding. Here is my little poetry on weddings:

“​The cake will be devoured and the wine will flow.

People might move on but new relationships will grow.

What lasts forever will be your wedding day memories shot by the pros.”

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