JUNGLE VLOG (3/3) – Cornered by Wild Tigers

Watch as our safari takes us into the breathtakingly beautiful Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve where we get cornered by 2 adult tigers on both sides of our trail.

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Music By Anshul Takkar

Brief Story
This was day 2 in Bandhavgarh and it will still dark as we arrived at the entrance of the gate. We thought we had arrived first but there were few other vehicles who had out timed us. We submitted our documents for the safari and waited for the sun to rise. Vasundhara took opportunity of the mobile reception to check a few tiger facts. As the convoy of gypsy nudged into the forest, the change in topography was almost immediately evident. For a first timer, the tiger is the main attraction but soon one can discover the majestic bio-diversity of Bandhavgarh. The core area of this Tiger reserve is a well preserved rich forest tract in the Eastern Vindhya mountain range. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is massive expanse of big cat country, the core area of which is spread for over 700sq kms and then there is an additional 800sqkms of buffer surrounding it. From the bumpy ride of the rocky terrain we had now moved into the marshy grassland and could conveniently spot the chital going about their early morning graze. This is a favourite territory of the tiger as it hide within the tall grasses waiting to ambush any passing herbivore. Meandering through dense forest our trail now took us onto higher grounds. And in no time we were climbing the mountains on our trusty 4×4. The zone for tourists is spread only for 105 sqkms yet everywhere there are tell-tale signs of the tiger. Bandhavgarh boasts of one of the highest densities of tigers in the world and the tourism zone of this reserve is a rare sample of the wealth of India’s wildlife. The grasslands or meadows of Bandhavgarh are locally called “vah” and on our way to one we came across Bandhavi (the elephant calf) gleefully greeting the tourists. Bandhavi will be trained to patrol these forests with her mahut and keep close watch on the tigers activities. The grasslands or meadows of Bandhavgarh are locally called “vah” and along with the forests they act like a sponge and soaking up rainwater. This water is then slowly released into the porous sandstone. The water sources are thus recharged. Water is hence a treasure that is given to us by the forests. After some refreshing chai and delectable samosas at the breakfast point we hopped onto our gypsy and set out looking for Spotty and Mangu’s cubs. This trail brought us to a point of breath-taking panoraamic views of the Bandhavgarh hills. By now we were nearing the end of our safari and on our way back we were startled to find civilians casually strolling inside the national park. We were told that this was the annual PIL grimage of the followers of Kabir, a 15the century mystic poet who is believed to have spent his time in the majestic Bandhavgarh fort. With those profound words of wisdom, we left the park with a wealth of insights into the fraagile ecological balance of our wildlife reserves and the critical issues of conservation around them. And with that an amazing adventure to this jungle of Central India came to an end, as we huddled around a bonfire watching a film on saving our tigers. Thank for watching this video. If you liked our Jungle Vlog Series do comment below, share our message and subscribe to the channel. Until next time don’t forget to live life with a dash of adventure.

P.S – We are very proud that this is so unlike the how the tigers in China’s tiger farms are treated and subjected to the psychological torture by sending chasing drones into their territory.

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