10 Things you must do this Diwali

1. Tidy upimg_0121: It is a bright occasion and is a good reason, then why not steal the opportunity to tidy up our nests. Remember they say “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. So move your lazy “behind” and get some cleaning done, you will feel special by the end of it. If time permits, try your hands in rearranging the fixtures in your rooms and do not forget to decorate your house with lights and the colors of rangoli.05112010544

 2. “Bakshish” Time: It is that time of the year when all the people who work for you, expect to be tipped(“bakshish”). So be generous and do it as a charity. Your gesture of giving away a little happiness will have a ripple effect and can be rewarding as well. Like the say “the more you give, the more you get”.

3. Phone a friend: No matter how busy you are, take time off to catchup with your old friends. When I say catchup, I dont mean Whatsapp or facebook but in person or atleast over a telephone call. The strange thing about old friends is that you will most likely start off from where you had last left. Diwali is one of many such opportunities when you can revive your actual “social network”. And if your ego has subsided, I would suggest you catchup with that old pal, you had a fall out with and keep the “dosti ka diya” always lit.

4. Say Cheese or Pout: With technology coming up the curve, our phones now take awesome pictures. This Diwali you have-to-got-to light the “Phuljhadis” and snap that Diwali selfie. You just cannot miss out on the selfie opportunities that Diwali brings with the diyas, crackers, with family and friends. Once taken, you know what to do with it…. Instagram it !!

5. Khao aur Khilao: Whether you are healthy, fit, obese or even diabetic, you have to try the sweets on this occasionimg_0401. During Diwali, sweets will have tendency of flooding in from every opening of your house and there will be some you will get yourself. So khao aur khilao but work it out later.

6. Big Online Sale: With every ecommerce site pushing discounts down your throat, you should grab some good deals and get some gifts for you loved ones. Apparel, gadgets or home decor items, anything you give with love will be well appreciated. Its an awesome feeling to say “Happy Diwali” with a gift.

7. Take the Bonus: Closing on work deadlines for Diwali ? Don’t forget the bonus coming your way. Spend it wisely and preferably on family and family time.

1239176_495117400578780_836827955_o8. Fire Crackers: Okay, if you are the lucky ones to be home this Diwali. No matter what people say, just go out and get some crackers. Diwali comes once a year, being home is a rarity these days and the crackers are a fun part of the custom. People who save-the-earth and create awareness about pollution from Diwali should go take a walk. On a different topic, I can tell you how these no-cracker-campaigners pollute the environment themselves. And for those, who are not home for Diwali, go hang out with some friends but just don’t be alone. Trust me, it can suck real bad being alone when everyone around you is bursting crackers.img_0079_1

9. Pray Hard – Goddess Lakshmi is coming: On the auspicious new moon day of the Hindu month of Kartik, which is ‘Amavasyaa’, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity – Lakshmi was incarnated. It is also believed that if you leave the doors open She will walk into your house and bring with Her, profound wealth and prosperity for you and your family. So open the doors and pray real hard. Incase you celebrate Christmas too, please leave the doors open for Santa as well and not ask him to slip down the chimney.

10. Weekend Getaway: Lastly, if you are not able to make it home, it is an extended weekend anyways. So escape from all the hustle and bustle and head to an awesome weekend destination near you. Don’t bother about spending too much money, just eat, drink and make merry. Remember, its Diwali, wealth and prosperity ought to come your way.


Wishing all my viewers a very Happy and Prosperous Deepavali.

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